Honda Ruckus Wide tire GY6 engine mount $395.00 Sold Out Here we have the composimo Billet GY6 engine mount. This mounting kit is the best available. These mounts are CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. There is no welding or worry of mount failure. This mount is to be used to convert your stock 50cc ruckus to a GY6 (150cc). Specializes in Honda Ruckus , Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125, Yamaha Zuma 125 & More. Best source for Aftermarket parts and Custom Wheels including GY6 swaps. ... 13x8 12x4 Honda Ruckus GY6 13x6 12x4 Honda Grom 12x8 12x4 Honda Ruckus GY6 12x6 12x4 Honda Grom 12x8 12x4 Honda Ruckus GET One Piece. <b>Gy6</b> <b>Turbo</b> Install .. FOR WIDE FATTY X8 14" STRETCH - mount kit (BOLT ON) Ruckus / Zoomer (GY6 ENGINE) Most comprehensive kit on the market Built for and by riders. Best ground clearance and styling combined for an amazing ride , not just an amazing look. SHOW and STRETCH was the goal! This can only be described as the cleanest bolt on engine conversion frame.

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